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It was just a different visual presentation. Whereas I felt like my version told more of a story, that version was more like clips. It goes back to creative license, you know? I was never a fan of over-shooting, but now I see why some people do a lot, because they want a lot more choices once they get in the bay. They are for the other people who have to come behind you and do an edit. What do you think this says about Desna and her relationship to power?

The blood on her hands was kind of literal, you know? You are the linchpin in all of it. Desna also gets called out as being selfish. I think power corrupts. At first, you are doing a bad thing for a good reason, like what we all watched happen to Walter White — but after he got the power, he became Heisenberg. Let me lean in a little harder. Do you think that relationship can be mended going forward? I would like to think so. Can you be sorry enough?

Niecy Nash as Desna Simms

One of the most memorable aspects of Claws is, of course, the costuming. How does costuming affect your performance and how you approach a character? When we had different people at the beginning and they were trying to create this look for Desna, I had a soccer-mom bob with highlights in it, a little motorcycle jacket, a tight pencil skirt, five-inch heels.

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It felt so false to me, especially at her genesis. Go get me some denim shorts. And what is this hair doing? Her hair just needs to be out, untamed, and free.

Yellow Claw - Till It Hurts ft. Ayden [Official Music Video]

So the look is everything. Her character, Jennifer Husser, is a southern belle raising two young girls who is currently trying to keep her marriage from ending after her husband found out she cheated. In one scene in season two, the viewer sees a rare moment of Jennifer without her nails done, showing just how bad things had gotten.

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Dixon said of Ms. Still, Ms.

The art of analysis

Reyes draws the line on extensions. Viewers are used to seeing Quiet Ann with no more than a clear nail or a single coat of paint.

Karrueche Tran as Virginia Loc

Uncle Daddy, a local crime lord and sometime nemesis to Ms. One of the most memorable was a wooden nail, complete with a gold framed photo of his wife who was shot : the ultimate tribute. Offscreen and backstage, his look seems to have sparked a trend. They cried out, shrilling cries, pulsing sharper than birds of prey - eagles, vultures with hooked claws - when farmers plunder their nest of young too young to fly.

Pads almost attaining points of claws. Pads almost as long as claws. The whole of a compensation payment can be clawed back, and individuals can feel that they have taken on a case for nothing. From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive.

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Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. Many things are difficult with iron hooks or claws. There are economic issues involved in such clawing back and reconversion. In most cases, however, the relief certainly will not be clawed back. See all examples of claw. Collocations with claw. Click on a collocation to see more examples of it.

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See all collocations with claw. Translations of claw in Chinese Traditional.

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