PF- TEK - Psilocybe Cubensis growing techniques

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Growing Mushrooms: PF Tek

Sociologists have objected to the increase of cultural reports considering it produces cultural relativism and lacks a solid study time table. Perlite is made of small pieces of extremely porous volcanic rock. When water is added, it is wicked into these pores of the perlite. This porous structure then serves to slowly evaporate the water back into the air.

The huge surface area in the micropores of the perlite helps the water evaporate forming a vapor of tiny droplets which tend to stay well in the air, as opposed to the bubbler and humidifier methods which have large droplets which tend to condense.

Step 1: Supplies to Begin

With this method, some people like to place thin layers of dry perlite under and on top of the wet perlite layer. With either method, as the perlite dries, you can occasionally add a bit more water weekly or so. You should add just enough to keep the perlite wet, but not enough to create any standing water which would increase the chances of contamination.

Be careful not to overfill. I want to pass along all of the knowledge I have acquired over the years to help minimize your failures and maximize your success. When I first became interested in growing magic mushrooms it was difficult to find an easy growing technique to implement. My first attempt at growing was done by following what is known as the Psilocybe Fanaticus technique, also known as the PF tek.

This was supposed to be a good technique, because it was considered to have a low failure rate.

On the subject of cleanliness

When I implemented the PF tek it did produce results but it required a lot of time and work for a small amount of mushrooms. I quickly progressed to what is considered a more advanced growing technique referred to as a casing technique. While I could clearly see the benefits of using the casing technique it took me one year of failed attempts before I could successfully grow Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms, using this technique. Eventually, I mastered the casing process and it is still the basis of my technique.

How To: Best PF Tek Method for Growing Mushrooms at Home.

When done properly, I have found that a good casing technique is much less work and much more effective than the PF tek. Here is just one of the advantages of my technique over the PF tek. The PF tek requires you to prepare a mixture of brown rice flour and vermiculite for the mushrooms food source.

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Over the years I experimented with many different growing variables such as food sources, growing containers, and automation devices for air, lighting, and temperature control. The final result after years of trial and error is my highly refined, easy to follow, and very effective magic mushroom growing technique, the most effective technique that I have ever found.

Here are some of the reasons why I believe my guide is the best choice for anyone who wants to learn how to grow magic mushrooms:. Over the years, I haved made many adjustments which have reduced the amount of work and maximized the results. One notable difference that sets my guide apart from other guides on the market is that I have divided the growing process into two parts. This allows you to concentrate on only one part at a time and you can get started without having to buy everything all at once.

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Immediately start off with a technique that took me years of experimenting and refining to perfection. Save yourself all of the time and frustration that I went through while learning how to grow magic mushrooms on my own. Learn the exact materials and techniques I use that contaminates hate but magic mushrooms love.

Losing batches due to contamination is almost a non-issue when following this guide.

Simple psilocybin mushroom growing technique - PsychonautWiki

The technique outlined in my guide, is an easier and more effective method than the PF tek.. Tape To hold the box together and to attach the plastic onto the box. Pair of Dishwashing Gloves Preferably new and unused. Fruiting Chamber Aquariums, camping coolers, and large plastic [Rubbermaid] storage containers are examples of suitable fruiting chambers. See Fruiting and Harvesting for a more complete description. Perlite Another volcanic gravel used in potting soil, perlite is white and porous.

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Colander For draining water out of the perlite. Suitable substitutes include a piece of screen or cloth, or anything that will hold perlite but let water drain out. Dust mask optional Perlite is puffed volcanic glass. When you work with perlite, it tends to be dusty, creating a cloud of glass dust that can be harmful to the lungs, especially if you are asthmatic. Disposable dust masks can be found in hardware stores, often in the Paint section. They are very inexpensive. They can also be used to prevent breathing our germ filled air all over our your cakes and terrariums when working with them.

Desiccant Desiccants are chemicals, usually sold in the form of little granular crystals, that absorb water out of the air. Anhydrous Calcium Chloride one of the more commonly sold desiccants, and can be found in hardware stores, often in the paint section. Food Dehydrator The perfect tool for drying mushrooms.

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